Research Overview

We specialize in the synthesis of nanoporous materials and functional thin films. These materials and engineering technologies are currently studied for resource recycling, hydrogen production, and greenhouse gas capture & utilization in line with the strong demands of Energy Social Governance (ESG). We also actively conduct research in cooperation with the industry.

Greenhouse gas capture & Utilization

  • Engineering of absorption and membrane hybrid separation system for simultaneous purification of carbon dioxide and methane

  • Development of novel membrane materials for carbon dioxide capture in power plants

  • Preparation of C1 gases for synthesis of biodegradable polymers

  • High purity enrichment of spent fluorinated gas molecules by membranes


Resource recycling

  • Recycling of spent lithium-ion battery(LIB) via wet discharging and revitalization of anodes

  • Remanufacturing of spent alumina catalyst and ceramic filter upcycling

  • Purification of aromatic and aliphatic components produced from bio-refinery processes


Hydrogen production

  • Membrane-based hydrogen purification from by-product gas mixtures in steel refining industry

  • Hydrogen production from C1 gas using microporous membrane reactors

  • Hydrogen and volatile biofuel production through microporous membrane reactors


Collaboration with industry for commercialization

  • Tailoring of nanoscopic morphology of light absorption materials for Sun-screen cosmetics

  • Synthesis of ultrapure silica nanoparticles for use in semiconductor production

  • Development of nitride selective etching solution for NAND flash memory manufacturing

  • Preparation of filler materials for flame-retardant polyurethane foams (PUF)